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It was in Yverdon-les-Bains, in May 2015, that the young Panthers pushed their first roars. Their pack is called Panthères-KCNV or Panthères-Nord Vaudois for the other species. It is growing rapidly, from 4 to 10 members in a few months.

From January 2016, they install their den in Grandson from where they can develop and conquer the Nord Vaudois. Because of their origins, the Panthers are active in the north of the North Vaudois, but they hope, in a few seasons, migrate further south and also affix their claws. The pack settles with time and will soon be able to welcome younger members.


The Panther :

  • is a player. We make "leisure" sport our priority. Only condition to join us: want to be physically active in good mood.

  • has no age. From 8 to 88 years, every individual will find his place in the pack. We do not currently have specific training for young Panthers under 15 years, but a mini-pack (from 8 years) will see the light soon and she can already train with the Panthers seasoned.

  • is conquering. Each member makes a point of promoting the Kin-Ball with his family, his friends, his colleagues. Our training sessions are open to all to discover the Kin-Ball even once.

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